Our Manifesto

When we decided to create Toolkit, we wanted to clarify what was really important to us from day one. The points below outline how we run Toolkit, how we work with others and how we think.


We must take responsibility in who we decide to work with or hire.

Real people

Clients – Marketers – Users – Leads – Conversions – Clicks

All are in one way or another, human beings.

Be kind.

Stay deliberately small & lean

We cap the number of clients we work with, and the people we hire.

We keep things smooth and lean and cut out the bureaucracy.

We think hard about who we work for, who we hire and what we choose to do.

Simplicity sophistication

We keep everything we do super simple.

Even when it’s complicated.

We stay focused.

Painful honesty

Even when it hurts.

Do the right thing

We all know good from bad, and right from wrong.

We always go right.

The money business

We are in the business of making money for our clients and building a profitable business for ourselves.

If we are not doing the former or latter, something is broken.

We fix it.


We will fight to protect what we truly believe in.

We will fight to protect others.

We fight for whats right.

Hard work pays off

Figuratively and literally.

We work hard.

We enjoy what we do.


Possibilities are endless.

We think about them all.

Teach + learn


Win or lose

When we lose, we lose as a team.

When we win, we win as a team.

Do We Sound Like Someone
You Would Like To Work With?

We are hiring.