Our Manifesto

When we decided to create Toolkit, we wanted to clarify what was really important to us from day one. The points below outline how we run Toolkit, how we work with others and how we think.

Work with
people with integrity

We have a responsibility to those who click on the ad we put in front of them.

Remember that There are
real People behind the names


We may use these words out of habit/convenience, but we always remember that we are working with people, who are all different in their own ways.

boutique > Wholesale

Sorry, but we can help you with one thing:

Google Ads (Search, Display, Shopping & Video)

We only do one thing and do it bloody well. 

Stay Deliberately Small

We have put caps on the numbers of people we work with at one time and caps on the number of people within our team.

This allows use to really focus on the task at hand. 

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

Campaigns strategy should be simple to understand and simple to execute.

Keeping the strategy simple is the hard part. 

Do We Sound Like Someone
You Would Like To Work With?

This is what you will get in your proposal:

Competitor Analysis

Keywords, traffic, bids, industry insights

Campaign Ideas

High level ideas of what we could do for your business

Our Fees

Our fees in relation to your business